Quantitative Optical Imaging Lab

The Quantitative Optical Imaging Lab at Texas A&M University uses optical microscopy to understand laser-tissue interactions and identify label-free optical biomarkers of cell function.  Our goals are to:
(1) develop tools to detect and quantify cellular phenotypic heterogeneity,
(2) identify functional, label-free biomarkers of cell function, and
(3) integrate biomarkers and microscopy tools clinically for improved health outcomes. 
We use optical microscopes to detect endogenous molecules (e.g. NAD(P)H and FAD) and quantify functional information about cell metabolism which we relate to cell behaviors and phenotypes.  Our applications include early detection of anti-cancer drug response, non-contact tools for evaluating immune cell function, and imaging laser-tissue interactions.

We are currently recruiting undergraduates, graduate students (fall 2023), and postdoctoral researchers. Interested candidates may contact Dr. Walsh directly at walshaj[@]tamu.edu (include a brief statement of research interests and CV or resume).